Use Quicken Screen Share Feature for Exact Solution

Quicken Screen Share

Quicken is being used on large scale. Therefore the brand has improved its support services by introducing the “Screen share” feature for troubleshooting errors. With this, the Quicken support team can provide you exact solution for the issues you are encountering. The “Screen share” feature is not used to access or control your device, but only help the technicians to guide you and understand the root cause of the problem.

This is how you can use the screen share facility in different ways:

How to use Quicken screen share feature on Windows:

  • Open the help menu of Quicken and go to Screen Share.
  • Follow the prompts and tap on “I Agree”.
  • Now enter the security key which you get from Quicken agent and select Share your screen.
  • Your screen is now visible to Quicken support team.
  • Once you are done with it, choose “Stop sharing your screen”. 

For Chrome users:

  • Go to the link of screen share website of Quicken by
  • Now type the security key you get from Quicken agents and click on share your Screen.
  • To add the “Screen Share” extension to your Browser, click on Add extension.
  • Now click on Share your screen and then Your Entire Screen. People who use dual monitor can choose the screen they want to share.
  • Tap on Share to show it to Quicken support.
  • To stop sharing, click on Stop sharing your screen.

Users who are not using Chrome:

  • Users who do not want to use Chrome can download the Screenshare app on your computer.
  • Now click Run after you get a security warning on your screen. Let it download properly and click on More Info and “Run Anyway”.
  • Now click on Install on the installation Window.
  • Next, provide the security key on the prompted screen which you get from the Quicken support.
  • Tap on sharing your screen to make your screen visible to Quicken support.
  • Stop sharing your screen option will prompt you to end the session.

For Mac users:

  • Click on Help and then Screen share.
  • Enter the security key given by the Quicken agent.
  • After that, go to Share your screen to share the screen with Quicken support.
  • Select Stop sharing your screen, to end the sharing.

If screen sharing is not working on your Quicken, follow the steps:

  • Download the file for Quickenutility.dmg. File. And go to the download folder to and double-click on the file.
  • Click Quicken utility window and drag the Quicken utility to Application folder on your device.
  • Now the Quicken utility is installed on your computer.
  • Double-click on the Applications folder and the Quicken utility
  • Open the Quicken utility and click on the Share screen with Quicken care.
  • Enter the security key provided with Quicken customer care.
  • Next, follow the steps given for your respective device.

In the case you are not able to share your screen with Quicken experts, calling Quicken customer service number is the suggested way to get rid of such issues. The independent support team will remotely access your device and troubleshoot the obstacle which is preventing your share your screen with Quicken agents.

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