An Introduction to Quicken Mobile Companion App

Quicken Mobile App

Quicken mobile app has improvised the user-experience by offering the leverage to sync the data from the computer to your mobile device. Now tracking your monetary possessions has become easier and convenient with the newly introduced Quicken mobile app. It offers you customizable alerts, notifications and account balances, expenditures, fees, and spending.

Benefits of using Quicken mobile app:

  • Not only from desktop to mobile, but you can transfer the data from mobile to desktop. This way you can stay updated with all Quicken activities you do on both devices
  • Once you sync the data you can view your Quicken data anywhere which ensures more convenience.

How to Install Quicken mobile app?

  • On your Apple or Android device go to the app store.
  • Alternatively, click on
  • Search for Quicken mobile app
  • Download and setup with on-screen instructions.
  • Sign-in with Quicken id and get started.

How to sync your Quicken desktop version with Quicken mobile app?

  • Choose all the savings, checking, investments, credit or bank accounts which you want to sync and click “Done”.

To enable the sync on Windows, you can try any of the two methods:

  • Go to Quicken account and select Update Accounts icon. Also, select the “Sync to Quicken cloud”. This will keep your mobile device updates with the new transactions.
  • Alternatively, open the Mobile and alerts tab and click on Sync Now, to sync data on the Quicken app.

To sync the accounts from Mac devices, you get two options to pick one from:

  • From the Bottom left the menu on Quicken Mac version, select the Update All to sync the mobile data.
  • Or, you can go this way: select Preferences>>Mobile and Alerts and click on Sync Now.

How to Use Quicken Mobile app? A summarized explanation:

If you have synced multiple files at a time, you can view them all on your mobile version of Quicken. All you need is to search for the file or clicking on the name of the file from the list and you will be redirected to the overview screen.

The prompted overview screen includes a summary for all synced all Quicken files. It includes the following:

  • The cash and credit balance, just by clicking on the account name
  • You can view the income and spending by tapping on the category or payee name.
  • The brief information for alerts, read or unread alerts. Click on Learn on the screen.
  • View your spending by category, income with the time, spending over time.

There is a lot more you can do with the Quicken mobile app:

  • View and edit the account transactions which includes pending transactions, online balance, ending balance, current balance and more.
  • You can add new transactions through your Quicken mobile app.
  • It allows you to transfer a record from your mobile device.
  • You can edit or manage the split transactions by downloading it from your bank
  • Also, you can get customized alerts and secure your Quicken account by tracking every activity that takes place.

If you are facing any error while syncing data from your desktop to Quicken mobile app, you can reach the Quicken customer support for immediate help

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