Quicken is Not Downloading or Updating Transaction


Quicken is not downloading or updating transaction

Quicken is your personal finance guide and one of the handiest finance tools. But in some cases, it fails to download or update transaction. There is no particular reason behind this failure, but there are few possibilities because of which Quicken can show you the failure status while updating your transactions.

Here are few common tiny things that can help you overcome the transaction failure error while using Quicken.

Stable Internet Connection Is Mandatory

The little fluctuation in the speed of internet can lead to the transaction updating failure while using Quicken. So, before attempting to update quicken transaction make sure you’re working properly at decent speed.

To make sure your internet connection is properly working, open any of your favorite browsers and try to open any random site. If it’s showing timeout error, do not try accessing Quicken.

Check Your Account Settings

Account settings play important role in the smooth functioning of Quicken. Also, it’s important to check account settings such as password and user Id to update transaction of your respective finance account.

Make sure your financial institution has all your updated information, otherwise it can block certain user-rights. In this case, it may prevent you to update or download your transaction.

The best way to make sure the credibility of your account settings, log out from Quicken and log in again using same credentials, and if you cannot get into your account, contact Quicken support number.

The Downtime of the Server

It’s important that the financial institution you are trying to log in have properly working server. Most of the financial institution websites update its users about server downtime by posting a notice, even many of them send emails to every individual regarding the issue.

Simply go to the site of institution you are a member of, and look for any information regarding downtime. Also, go through your emails and phone messages to make sure there are no server issues with their site. If it is so, waits for the next update.

There Can Be a Particular Error

Having an error is normal. There are possibilities that Quicken might face an error while the time you are trying to update or download bank transactions. So go to the official site of Quicken to find the detailed information of the errors.

Some of commonly occurring Quicken issues are Error CC 501, Error CC 506 and Error CC 508. Now let’s go through the insight overview of these issues.

Error CC 501

This error prevents the synchronization of Quicken with the financial body you are trying to connect. Quicken won’t update or download any transaction in this case.

To resolve this here, Quicken has a step-by-step guide for you: https://www.quicken.com/support/error-when-using-online-services-cc-501?priorityCode=1348700000

Error CC 506

This error indicates that the account you are trying to access is no longer in use, or some of the settings have been modified by the financial institution due to some reason.

So go to your Quicken settings and check for the changes. To know more about this error, go to the Quicken site using the given link: https://www.quicken.com/support/message-when-using-online-services-cc-506

Error CC 508

These errors show up when the site you are using to reach the financial institution has been closed. It also occurs when the web address is changed by the financial organization or any pop-up or web page has been added to the site. In this case, it shows a pop up which request you to provide your contact information to send you the correct link to the site.

Get detailed information here: https://www.quicken.com/support/error-when-using-online-services-cc-508?priorityCode=1348700000

If you cannot find any of the above-mentioned problems with your account, there are few other things you can tie:

  • Try to contact the financial body and consult your issues with the professionals. Also, ask them if any changes have been made by their side.
  • Wait till everything is fine. There may be a temporary outage or server issue that prevent you to update transactions. Also, give time to your internet connection to get back into the form.
  • Contact Quicken customer support. Take assistance from Quicken experts via toll-free
  • Check whether your Quicken update was successful or failed.
  • Make sure you are using correct and compatible version.

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