Installing Quicken On Multiple Computers Is No More A Hassle

Installing Quicken On Multiple Computers

Quicken is one of the most amazing finance management tools, this I could say with my own experience as I am using it for many years to manage my bank accounts, budgets, and investments. Being a trading manager in a share marketing firm, I prefer using Quicken for both my personal and company use, this makes my workload quite lighter.

But, the Quicken account, we use in our organization is accessed by multiple users. So in order to make things efficiently working, I decided to Install Quicken on every computer of my colleagues who manage company accounts along with me. But it wasn’t a cake walk, I had to make several efforts. So, other users do not have to struggle like I did, I am sharing the easiest and accurate way to use Quicken on two or multiple computers.

Important Note: Before proceeding further, I would like to mention that if you are using 2018 version of Quicken, it gives you the freedom to use it on multiple computers.

Quicken has brilliant features, but the most complicated part is the data synchronization or using between more than one devices. The previous version than 2018 allows you to synchronize data for one Quicken account up to 3 devices which can be accessed by multiple Quicken users.

To Install Quicken for more than one device:

  • If you are using Quicken with CD drive, you can use Quicken up to three devices using the same CD. You don’t need another CD to move quicken to a new computer.
  • If you have purchased a subscription plan from the official site, you can use same login ID up to three devices. Just download and install Quicken and use same login credential for all three devices.

To Synchronize Quicken Data On Multiple Devices:

Steps to do on First Computer

  • Click on Start, Go to All programs and Select Quicken.
  • Then Follow, File<<Backup and Restore<<Backup Quicken File.
  • Next, choose from “Backup on my computer or “Hard drive” or “Thumb drive”.
  • Select the location where you want to store the file by clicking on the “change” button. You can pick from the network, flash drive to backup files.
  • Select the “backup now” option and wait till the confirmation message appears on the screen stating “Quicken data file backed up successfully”.
  • Click Ok.

Steps to do on second computers:

  • Launch Quicken.
  • Click “File” and then choose “Backup& restore<< Restore from backup file”.
  • Under “Restore from the backup file”, click on “Browse” to choose the location to see your backup files.
  • If you want to save files on Flash drive, insert Flash drive and choose the location of it.
  • Select “Restore Backup” to synchronize data files between two devices.

Note: Every device you want open Quicken data files on, must have a Quicken application installed on it. Also, the data synchronization should be done with great care as it can cause damage to the data file. It is recommended to back up your data files on an external disk to prevent any sort of data files. Quicken itself offers the backup option.

I want to share one crucial information as it works really well for me. Whenever I feel something is troubling me while using Quicken, I prefer calling Quicken technical support number. This is the best way to get rid of all quandaries associated with Quicken synchronization. The experts will guide you to setup quicken on more than one devices with remote access. So, when nothing works for me, this technique does wonder, since I get immediate assistance from technicians. Moreover, it is the most secure and reliable way.

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