Updating Quicken For Mac and Windows with Fool-Proof Methods

How to update Quicken for Windows and Mac

Software updates are basically described as free downloads which have been released by the manufacturer or developer of the software.Generally, they have been released to resolve certain glitches or errors with the existing software. Sometimes, updates are released to update certain features of the software.

So, it is utterly important to update software whenever new update files are available. The same thing should be done by Quicken users. You should update your software whenever scope for the update is available. To update software, you can follow some simple steps. In the following section, let us find updating process for both Mac and Windows.

One Step Quicken Update

For the convenience of both Mac and Windows users, Quicken offers one-step update feature. For that, you have to follow the steps as provided below.

  • At first launch Quicken software on your desktop.
  • Now, hit “Tools” option on the main menu bar.
  • Now, press “One Step Update” button.

You may find that updating process will begin automatically. It will search for availability of update files first and they shall be downloaded if available. Lastly, the downloaded files will be installed.

Manual Quicken Update for Windows

In order to update Quicken manually for Windows operating system, you have to follow the steps as depicted below.

  1. At first, you have to connect the computer to the internet. Now, visit “Quicken Update Index” page. Here, you shall find the version of Quicken that you are using. Click on the right version and then find update release notes.
  2. Now, at release notes, you shall find information about recently released updates from Intuit Quicken. Check your last update date and if you find a newer version available, you must initiate the process of update file downloading.
  3. Click on Manual update. Now, you have to click on “Click here” link. This will initiate downloading process. Update files will be downloaded within a few seconds, depending upon file size and internet speed.
  4. Now, you have to close Quicken software, if it is running on your system. Now, locate downloaded file on your system. Double-click on “Update” icon to start the installation of update files.

Mac users have to follow the same steps. The only difference is that just reach “Quicken Update Index” page and then you have to choose “Quicken for Mac” instead of choosing “Quicken for Windows”. Remaining steps will be identical for the users. To learn more, you can call Quicken customer care number.

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