How to Properly Backup Data in Quicken for Windows and Mac

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For Quicken users, it is important to create data backup carefully. For creating the data backup, you need to be careful with the steps. Both Windows and Mac users should learn this with precision. Data backup is important, as it is a way of preserving important data from permanent loss or damages. Data stored on local disk may be damaged due to many reasons. With the advent of time, threats to data hacking or phishing are also rising. At such scenario, it is important to opt for effective data backup policy. This is why you should follow the steps below. Alternatively, you can call Quicken support number for guidance.

Data Backup for Windows

Windows users can create data backup by following the tips that have been provided below.

  1. Launch Quicken on your Windows operating system and then select “File” options. Under “Files”, you need to choose “Backup and Restore” and thereafter select “backup Quicken File”.
  2. You have two options for data backup. You can either use the USB drive or another external flash drive. You can also use Dropbox or a third party software like that.
  3. You can easily check your latest data backup by selecting “Add date to the backup file name”.
  4. Now, Quicken will display the location where backup data will be saved. You can change location as per your desire with ease.
  5. Once the location is selected, you should click on “Backup Now”.

Restore Quicken Data for Windows

In order to restore Quicken data for Windows, you need to follow the guidelines as provided below.

  1. Go to the main menu and click on “File” and then move to “Backup and Restore”. Now, click on “restore from backup file”.
  2. Now, click on “browse” option on your computer screen.
  3. This will allow you to browse computer so that you can locate the backup file that you want to restore. Navigate to the folder where you have kept the backup files and then select the file or files.
  4. Now, hit “restore backup” button on your screen.
  5. If you wish, you can create a copy of this restored file so that data loss can be prevented further.


Backup and Restore Quicken Data for Mac

Same steps as mentioned above have to be followed in case if you are Mac computer user in order to conduct backup and restore Quicken data for Mac computer. Make sure that you follow the instructions properly.

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