A Detailed Summary For Quicken Connection Type

How Quicken connects bank

Quicken- the leading finance software of the time, works hand-in-hand with financial institutions. It uses multiple connection methods, which depends upon the type of account you are holding and the type of your financial institution.

The three major factors that specify your connection type are:

  • The type your bank supports.
  • Your Quicken account preferences.
  • The bond between your bank and Quicken.

Let’s roll to the type of connection Quicken uses to download transactions from your bank. There is three major type of connection Quicken practices to update your bank details:

  • Web connect.
  • Direct Connect.
  • Express Web Connect.
  1. Web connect:

The often used and straightforward way to download your transaction is Web connect. This connection type directly fetches transactions from your bank account and download it to Quicken. This is a one-way connection and doesn’t affect your account or balance anyway.

To activate Web connect for your Quicken account: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-activate-web-connect-account


  1. Direct Connect:

In the Direct connect type, Quicken communicated with your bank on your behalf. This method is an automatic approach to draw transaction from your bank without any manual effort. You do not need to login or download transaction, Quicken does this for you. Also, while using Direct connect, Quicken enquire bank for bills, transactions, and money transfers on its own.

  1. Express Web Connect:

Express web connect is pretty much similar to Direct connect. It downloads transaction from the bank on your behalf. Quicken interact with the bank without any of your efforts. You don’t even need to login in. Everything is managed automatically by Quicken. Also, it’s a fast and secure manner and doesn’t affect your account balance or preferences.

In order to enable Express Web to connect to your Quicken account, one can follow the given link:


One can change connection method at any point in time, with few simple steps. Also, it can take place on any platform such as Windows and Mac.

For detailed information, read this: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-do-i-change-bank-connection-method

How does the connection type specify?

The connection type depends upon the financial institution. Quicken initiates with Direct Connect if your bank provides support for it, otherwise, it will automatically shift to Web connect or Express Web connect. Nevertheless, it’s your call you whether choose Direct Connect or other types of connection.


How to check your Connection type?

For Windows:

  • Select Account list available under Tools menu at the top left corner.
  • Now select Edit option present next to your account and then choose Online Service from the tab at the top.

For Mac:

  • Go to the Account option at the left and then select Settings from the bottom right corner.


Looking for assistance?

The connection type is an important factor to manage your financial details and hence choosing right connection type is crucial. If you find it difficult to select your connection type or looking for any assistance to get best out of your Quicken account, contact Quicken support number. You can call the Quicken experts and get tips to select the best connection type.

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